About the founder

Martijn van Engelen SNEW 

I am Martijn van Engelen, entrepreneur and founder of SNEW. I know what I want and what I am capable of, so I let it go. “it will be fine!”, that’s sort of my motto. If everyone has or does something, then it will be fine. You have to surround yourself with the right team of people that are looking in the same direction, because a job well conceived is a job well done. If I am doing well, then they are doing well, and vice-versa, of course. Build a strong team with a positive energy flow. Create the ‘we’-feeling and have a clear goal. Then the targets and means will be optimally used. 

“From an early age my passion was in reusing stuff. My original roots lie in automotive engineering and I was involved in the foundation of STIBA, a branch organisation of scrapy yards. About 25 years ago I made the transition to the telecom branch and have had my own company since 1996. All my experiences resulted in the inspiration and drive to create a similar concept for the ICT market. From this inspiration and drive, SNEW resulted.”

The beginning of SNEW

“As a child I quickly learned that I wanted to do something in the car industry. I looked around, navigated a bit and quickly found out that I had a huge passion for old cars and used parts. I thought reusing the used parts was incredibly fascinating. Items that can be reused and do not have to be stored somewhere in a corner of the warehouse. The earth is so beautiful, but people aren’t handling her with care. That’s what I though back then and what I still think. Standing still is going backwards. Okay, that’s not entirely true. If we stand still now and then, we can adjust the things we’re doing and just think about ‘I want to, I am able to so I let it go’, then everyone’s life will have a new turn. A turn of self-consciousness. It is something that I do often and it’s also the reason for starting SNEW. SNEW is the result of all my experiences in life. By evaluating, by registering, by informing and by defining how you feel, an image will arise. If the image is your focus and you create the image in real life, you create magic. SNEW is my focus, the magic of reusing equipment. A no loss-model. A circular, economical system where equipment is reused, instead of unnecessarily misused.”