Did you know that in 20 years no less than 30% of the raw materials will be gone?

As a result of the current consumption society, where everyone  feels the need to have the latest items, more products are being produced, usually unnecessary. For centuries we have exhausted our beloved planet Earth to market innovating products, without really knowing what we are actually doing to our planet. The raw materials are running out because they are used up instead of used again, and we will have to look for other ways to solve this problem in the nearby future. While, at the other side of the ocean, mountains full of raw materials are being labelled as junk.


But you can make the difference, with SNEW.

We have developed a circular system in which raw materials of existing equipment is reused instead of misused.
This makes SNEW unique: normally the equipment is recycled immediately after recollecting it, but we will give the equipment a second (and sometimes even third) lifecycle. This could be in Western countries or in developing countries. Problems such as the raw materials shortage and the e-waste issue can be resolved using our concept. This makes SNEW the concept of the future.

By developing a circular, economic system, SNEW forms an important and indispensable chain in the supply chain. Where the supply chain usually stops, we continue. This happens based on reversed logistics and according to our own 3R-concept®, which stands for recollect, reuse and recycle.

This refreshing concept makes it for companies quite interesting to hand over their depreciated ICT equipment. They will receive money for their old equipment, will be completely relieved of any troubles because of our range of additional services. Companies can even choose to donate the money received for the depreciated equipment to a good cause, which will give you double CSR.

Golden Circle van SNEW
SNEW You Use We Reuse

To support resellers, we have developed a sales tool to make additional deals for them and even their customers.
Because they can give their customers extra discount when they hand in used equipment. Also, we will take care of real corporate social responsibility. These two come together in a new trend: CSV – creating shared value. Together we will create this shared value. 

We have joined forces with 1We – One World Experience for our project: 1We SNEW, a remarkable project where CSR and ICT come together in a ideologically and commercially way. The people of developing countries will get access to ICT and with help of our much needed trainings, they will be capable of maintaining the equipment and even disassemble it themselves. The impact of this project will be huge!

What makes SNEW so special, is that our concept is bases on existing procedures and regulations, like ISO and WEEE. This way, our concept can be easily used for medical and household equipment. Our activities are completely track-and-traceable as well.