Companies are nowadays obligated to have a CSR policy. We can help these companies in a simple and even profitable way. By handing in equipment at SNEW, you will contribute to decreasing the raw material shortage. 

Firstly, companies are acting socially responsible when they hand in old equipment at SNEW because that way they will help with restocking the raw materials. They even get cash back for their old equipment, which they can choose to donate to good causes, something that happens a lot lately.

We even have our own ‘good cause’ ourselves: our ICT project in developing countries, called 1We SNEW. A part of the collected equipment will be used for this project. With this equipment we will give the people of these developing countries access to internet and we will provide much needed trainings and recycling facilities as well.


This is how you create your own triple CSR:

  1. Reducing raw material shortage by handing in your equipment at SNEW
  2. Donate the received money to a good causes
  3. Contribute to our 1We SNEW-project


SNEW You Use We Reuse

1We SNEW computer


Together with 1We – One World Experience, development agency new style, we have joined forces for a remarkable project which will break new ground, literally and figuratively. Together we have created the 1We SNEW project, where CSR and ICT come together in a ideologically and commercially way for development aid in emerging markets.

The collected IT and telecom equipment will be reused in development countries where the local people will get access to communication. A whole new world will open up to them. With this equipment they will receive access to internet where they can collect a lot information, resulting in better education. They can buy the equipment at a for them reasonable price. We also provide them with a exchange premium, which means that they can hand in local end-of-life equipment. This results in two different things: we will be working ‘hardware equally’ (by which we mean: the same amount of hardware that goes into the country, will leave the country because of the exchange premium), and we will make the junk yards smaller as well.

And it won’t end there. Without any knowledge of the equipment, it still won’t do much good. So, as support, we will give them extensive trainings to give them a good service level and good recycling facilities. That way they can use the equipment as efficiently as possible.